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By St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Major

Alen Tully

With the 2020 season now officially cancelled, why not get your band's competition sets ready for 2021 with bespoke harmonies, compositions and complete medleys to suit your bands capability level.


Services Available

Major Championship Winning Compositions and Arrangements

Harmony Writing

Whether it's harmony for your road tunes or competition sets, I'll compose, record each line and send you the sheet music. Get in touch for more details!

Tune Arrangements

Tune arrangement is my forte, I've had successful arrangements of classics such as The Highland Wedding into hornpipe time, The Sheepwife into round reel time to finish our Medley in 2018, and the Garb of old Gaul into HP time, to name but a few, if you have a tune you'd like arranged then get in touch for more details!

Medley Composition

St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band are renowned for their medleys, from driving music, clever harmonies, creative breaks and exciting finishers, if you want this winning formula for your bands medley, then get in touch for more details!

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