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Socrú - The Collection by Alen Tully

Socrú - The Collection by Alen Tully


Enjoy the music from St. Laurence O'Toole Pipe Band??? Then you'll love this book. With 50 tunes mixed between Alen's unique style of arranging and his own compositions, it also includes 3 part harmony lines for many of the bands favourites. This is a book you just have to have in your collection. See below just some of the compositions and arrangements in this collection;


Arrangements; The Highland Wedding Hornpipe, The Cameronian Rant Hornpipe (Both made famous by Stuart Liddell and SLOT), Alan MacPherson of Moss Park Hornpipe, Donnie MacGregor Hornpipe, The Clumsy Lover Waltz. and many more.....


Compositions; Shelly's Jig, Crazy-Frazy (Performed during lockdown by both SLOT and PipeDown), Time on Lockdown and many more.....



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